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Anonymous • Posted on 7/6/2024 • General

Good afternoon

I was send to this page by the guidance of God. Asking they you pray with me for my oldest son Nehemiah. I believe and have faith that a break through is going to happen for my son. Thank you!

Jenny T. • Posted on 3/29/2024 • Marriage

Lord Jesus, I bring my relationship with Ron to You. I invite Your grace and favor into it. I thank You for favor for Your wisdom and healing. Thank You for mending, restoring, and causing this relationship to thrive beyond my wildest imaginations. Let Your love and peace reign between us and cause good actions, and may this entire relationship be founded in Christ. Amen.

Raymond Elijah G. • Posted on 12/27/2023 • Money

Hello my name is Raymond Elijah griffin 53 crest road unit 5 a edgefield sc USA asking for your prayers for me and Lynnwood priester protection against witchcraft and lack of money please pray for our health issues HIV etc please pray I stop struggling every month because of an homeless family member Donald oliphant from Aiken SC left me in debt with republic finance please pray for us for 40 days and nights please pray the evil leave my house things keep going on every day please pray for me stop struggling every month I don't get much income please pray Lynnwood stop doing drugs and alcohol and tobacco please pray I stop struggling please pray that Aisha Pittman John bell Johnnie Bell Cassie Jackson Elaine and other people including the voodoo people's leave us alone I had to deal with witchcraft since childhood my late grandmother Alma Watson Griffin practice it on the family member before I was born please pray it away forever

Anonymous • Posted on 9/20/2023 • Crisis

Asking for Prayers me and my children have no where to go and I'mgoing to have to quick my job soon I'm praying good blesses us withplace to live

John Wachira N. • Posted on 3/9/2022 • Money

Am kenyan citizen.
My prayer is for financial blessing of 3000,000 USD,to support God's work,the needy my neighborhood,and support my business.
John Wachira

Attalon H. • Posted on 9/20/2021 • Salvation

Please help me in prayer of me and my children. That we grow stronger in The Lord each and every day.

Edith M. • Posted on 11/12/2018 • General

Please pray with us that God will provide us with all the resources required to build our planned international christian school(Camp David Green Academy) in Kenya.

Waiting upon the Lord.

In His service,


Anonymous • Posted on 8/23/2016 • Depression

My son is a good person but he needs guidance and prayer. I pray for him often. He is associating with people that are not good for him. He's jobless and he smoke Marijuana. He has a felony on his records and it has been hard for him to get a job, which really depresses him. Hes had a really good job but he's been harassed by the police. They arrested him on his job for not appearing in court but it was a mistake. His court date had been rescheduled and he had proof but it was too late, he was fired. They really want him to snitch on some drug dealers which he refused because his life would be in danger. He was really excited about that job, he was so depressed when he lost it. I pray for guidance and patience for him. His father died when he was 3 years old and I know he misses that love and guidance from a man. Please pray for him. Thank you!

Anonymous • Posted on 1/5/2016 • General

I love this ministry!!!

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